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  Miracles & Testimonials 

Please list all Miracles & Testimonies that God has released to you through your experience with

The Glory Has Come International Ministries.

To God be the glory!!! It was prophesied to me by Pastor Troy King, that the doctor would be taking me off of some of my medications and I went to the doctor and I no longer have to use two insulin's anymore. Thank God for a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD Pastor Troy King and Prophetess Nicole King.

James Lewis                                                                         March 27, 2014

God uses this Man so Accuratly that it is scary. I attended his service and right after the service was over a Lady bumped my car in the parking lot. No real damage just a small scrap hardley even noticed it. Anyway The Prophet comes out to make sure everything is ok and I tell him everything is fine I didn't even as the lady to call the insurance company, it was nothing really. I had let it go. Prophet King began to speak in to my life and said God said because you let the lady go and did not worry about it, God is going to give you a brand new Car. I did not won't one because I can't afford to do high car payments right now I told him. He said God was going to open the door this month, go tomorrow and look and God is going to release it to you before 7 days, and you not going to put any money down and your payments will be around $300 per month. I look at him like he was crazy, but I went and 2 days after he spoke that I got a brand new car, no money down and my payments are only $308.00 a month. Prophet Troy is no Joke.... Thank you Prophet, and Thank you Lord.

Mrs. Robinson                                                           Feb. 7th, 2014

Pastors King: I thank God everyday for the two of you. Praise God! I am able to walk to my bedroom door. I have not walked anywhere since Jan., 2013. Plus, I am starting a business and the plans are falling in place. Thank you so very much for your prayers, support, visits, anointing power, and communion. You all are indeed anointed to carry on God's work. May He continue to bless both of you. Please continue to lift my family to God in Prayer. May family and I love the two of you and your family very much. I will be praying for you all.

H. White                                                                      Dec. 13, 2013

 Pastor Troy King was online Monday stating that he felt prayer for a 72 hour Miracle for everyone to submit there prayer request. I ask for prayer for a job and long story short after 7 months of not working in 72 hours I got a Job. Its good to finally connect to a real anointed Pastor and church, I thank God for the Glory Has Come International Minstries.                           

S. Williams                                                         Dec. 2013

Miracles really happen at this Place, The Pastors came and prayed for my New Born baby, because her heart valuve had not closed and it should have been. The Doctor said my baby would have to have surgery. When the Pastors Prayer they said tell the doctor thank you for the good news because my baby was not going to have surgery and that her heart valuve was going to close before the next dr. visit, and Praise be to God it happen in just that order. God works Miracle though these 2, but don't take my word for it, come and see for your self.

J. Robinson                                             October 2013

I love  this Church! Pastor Troy Spoke a word to me at the empowerment night service, He told me to check my mail box I was going to get some money in the mail with in 72 hours. I didn't understand at first, but 2 days later I recieved a check in the mail box and I still to this day don't know why the company  sent it. They Just said that it was owed to me.  Thank God For this Church,

L . Donawa                                              September 2013

What a Man of God at this Church. He told me to Plant my Breakthrough turnaround seed  during a service at the church. When I sowed my seed he told me that I would get a Job promotion in the next 72 hours and he went on to say if it did not happen that he would stop preaching. Well long story short Pastor Troy King is still preaching because it happen in 24 hours.  I got my promotion to a hospital job. Then I called Pastor Troy to tell the great news, and that the bank was trying to sell my house and I would have to move by July 16,2013. He told me that God was doing away with the bank that financed my home, and I was not moving anywear and that I would have victory by monday morning. I had Victory on that day! The bank gave up my mortgage to another lender and there is no longer a sale date on my house, and Im not moving any where. I thank God for sending this church to Kannapolis. Try The Glory Has Come International Ministries. You have to see for yourself.           

M. Sampson                                                       July, 2013

 This Place is Really Miracle City. Pastor Troy Was teaching on the power of your seed how your seed has the power to claim someone else blessing. I sowed a $5.00 Seed when Pastor spoke a word to another person in the church stating they was going to get their new car in the next 7 days. I sowed $5.00 and before 7 days God Released a brand new Cadillac into my life. Thank God for the Glory Has Come.

Sis. Lewis Kannapolis NC                                   May,2013

The Glory Has Come International Ministries Purchased Their 6000sf building after 7 months of Minstry and Signed the Deed with only $12 Thousand Dollars                                 March 2013


Pastor Troy King Spoke a Word on April 3, 2013 that it was things that I had been holding on to for the past 3 years.  One is my grandson and the other was a car that I had been talking about for the past 3 years. Pastor Troy told me that the Lord said go that day and get my car, and that I would have it before 7pm that same day and It would be no money down. I Went that same day and at 6:38pm I was signing the paper work for my next car with no money down.                      

Mrs. Revell, From Richmond Va                                    April  2013


My 1st time visiting The Glory Has Come Ministries, was at the end of March. I could not walk with out a walker or walked on my own in the past 2 years. My son Invited me there and Prophet King came to me and said God said today is the Day I will walk again. He anointed me with oil and my legs with oil and a salt that was from Jerusalem. After that he told me to stand with out my walker, and take 3 steps. That day my legs felt stronger than before. I took about 7 steps on my own. This is a Miracle Church. So Glad there is a real Church in my area that is not fake and phony and Love the people. 

Mother Patterson                                                           March 2013


When I came to this Church the Pastor Spoke a word to me that I was coming off my job and getting a better job in 18 days. This was at the begining of feb. 2013 and on the 18th of feb. I got a new adminstration job.      

Sis. Williams, Kannapolis NC                                        Feb. 2013

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